Eagles of New York

Eagles of New YorkTM is a photographic celebration of the eagle in the architecture
and sculpture of New York City. Photographed during and around the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011,
Eagles of New YorkTM speaks to the culture, resilience, and dynamics of an amazing City. With their subtleties of light and shadow these large-format photographic transparencies showcase the rarely noticed eagle of the urban landscape.


I began photographing the eagles of New York early out of curiosity. A friend who had an eye for architecture, and had traveled to New York many times, asked me how many eagles [in architecture and sculpture] I thought there were in the city. As a lifelong New Yorker who had grown up in the city I assumed, not many. Since then not only have I been proven wrong, but also been delighted and surprised again and again at the wonderful variety, artistry, and scale of the eagles of New York.







































As I began seeing and photographing more of them, I asked myself why had I not noticed them before? They appear in murals, sculpture, and architecture. The eagles of New York cling to terraces, towers, welcome us from archways and entrances, yet remain virtually unseen. They are wonderfully hidden in plain sight.


The eagle has played a prominent part in the symbolism of the United States, especially in the first 100 years of the republic, and chances are you have seen them before but not really noticed them. Why? Perhaps because walking down a street in New York City is filled with the sounds and accents of over 20 spoken languages, blaring traffic horns, the hectic pace of people hurrying off to work, the chatter of people on cell phones, crowds, hawking street peddlers, the spectacle of various ethnicities, panhandlers, tourists, and trucks overriding the sidewalk in the process of parking. A very dynamic city! Perhaps it is the focus on this overwhelming influx of stimuli that we don't notice these sculptural beauties that surround us.


































Eagles of New York™ is a natural evolution of my love of art, sculpture, and photography. I have photographed the eagles in snow and rain, at dusk and dawn. I have photographed dozens upon dozens of eagles and have hundreds of photos but this collection of images is not meant to be a catalog of every eagle in New York City, just a small indication of the extraordinary artwork I have found in my exploration of the five boroughs of an amazing city.


I have written a photo book, as yet unpublished, on the Eagles of New York™. You can learn more about Eagles of New York™ by visiting



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